Certified Content

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is a global certification service for professional learning. The service collaborates with many organisations, ranging from training providers to universities. The CPD certificate is internationally recognised, though the terminology used can vary from region to region. CPD may be known as Continuing Education (CE), Continuing Medical Education (CME) or Continuing Professional Education (CPE). The CPD certification meets the requirements and expectations for most professional bodies, regulators and membership organisations across the globe. Healthcare professionals are encouraged to liaise with their local professional body to convert the CPD certificate into their locally recognised professional development scheme. To find out more about how CPD operates internationally please click here.

To obtain CPD certificates for myPOCacademy activities, learners must follow the below steps:
  • Register or login to myPOCacademy
  • View a piece of CPD certified content
  • Go to MY ACTIONS in your DASHBOARD
  • Complete the CPD survey
  • Go to MY CERTIFICATES to download your certificate



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