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Expert perspectives on rapid point-of-care testing for respiratory infections


One-size does not fit all across today's diverse and dynamic test settings. From antigen to molecular tests and various use cases, rapid test methods offer unique and overlapping utility, advantages, and disadvantages. Gain insights from this expert discussion on the intersection of test settings with test methods to support clinical needs while streamlining efficiencies and operational workflows.

Learning Objectives

  • Share insight on the adoption of rapid COVID-19 testing in the urgent care setting;
  • Discuss best practices across respiratory illnesses and the unique impact of each test on patient care, workflow, and antibiotic stewardship;
  • Examine additional use cases where rapid antigen COVID-19 testing provides diagnostic and screening utility;
  • Evaluate the experience and generated evidence from using rapid antigen testing in a clinical setting;


Le opinioni e le opinioni presentate sono solo degli autori. Il contenuto di questo webcast è destinato esclusivamente a scopi informativi/didattici.

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