Owen R, Wyckoff M, Rogers R 


J Dr Nurs Pract. 2021;14(3):204-212 


This study aimed to evaluate if use of point-of-care testing (POCT) for HbA1c increases adherence to HbA1c testing in vulnerable populations. Clinical quality indicators (CQIs) were used to indicate whether POCT implementation, via a mobile clinic, improved diabetes care.  


The project was focused on improving diabetic CQIs in vulnerable populations. The results indicated that having POCT available on a mobile unit increases HbA1c testing. The availability of POCT increases access to HbA1c for vulnerable populations which improved practice outcomes and improved CQIs. 


The authors highlight that there are key implications for nursing in these results. The study shows that POCT increases access to diagnostics and care in this patient group. 


The full publication can be accessed here. 



COL-12691 08/2022 


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