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Streptococcal pharyngitis: the case for rapid, accurate diagnosis and improved care


Join this global webinar focused on Group A Strep (GAS) pharyngitis diagnostics and patient care. This program includes peer-reviewed evidence and perspectives on GAS pharyngitis testing guidelines, protocols, and technology to help improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. Antibiotic stewardship, the role of rapid testing and efforts to minimize antimicrobial resistance are also discussed.

Objectifs Éducatifs

  • Review the challenges associated with a rapid diagnosis and treatment of Group A Strep (GAS) pharyngitis;
  • Evaluate the latest guidelines and evidence supporting a timely and accurate GAS pharyngitis diagnosis;
  • Discuss the importance and value of rapid testing including practical experience using rapid antigen tests and rapid nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs) in time-sensitive, point of care settings;
  • Examine the impact of test results on clinical decision making, patient care and operational workflows including the global burden of bacterial antimicrobial resistance.


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