VATS Lobectomy, surgical miss and near miss

Reporting, discussing and inference building

This educational environment intends to integrate the reporting, discussion and inference building of near miss surgical events with the intention to optimise the patient risk and benefit equation in VATS lobectomy.

Target Audience:

Medical professionals (MD, nursing staff) dealing with the learning process and implementation of the surgical approach of lung resections.

Goals Objectives:
  • Reduce the surgical hazard for the patient.
  • Reveal surgical learning information that alternatively might be lost.
  • Proactively resolve surgical hazards before a calamity occurs.
  • Repeatedly update the VATS Lobectomy conceptual learning.
  • Help the medical professional as second victim.
  • Report (anonymously) in an encrypted environment near miss or complications.
  • Discuss causative factors of near miss or complications.
  • Recommend improvements in the surgical concept of VATS Lobectomy.
Non-Goals Objectives:
  • The visit of this learning environment does not give a surgical license to practice VATS lobectomy.