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The one stop shop: the impact of point-of-care lipid testing on cardiovascular disease screening and management


Join a panel of experts from all over the world to learn the impact point-of-care (POC) lipid testing can have on cardiovascular disease management. The experts will discuss POC lipid testing, and the impact it has had on their practice and patients.

Cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of death globally, taking 17.9 million lives each year. [1] Patients at risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) may show raised blood pressure, have diabetes or have high lipid levels.

The good news is, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease (such as dyslipidemia, hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia) is possible with lipid panel tests to identify risk, and continued testing for monitoring. Performing point-of-care testing during patient consultations provides a teachable moment for patients and can lead to better outcomes. [2] [3] [4]

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how point-of-care lipid testing can be used for screening or management of cardiovascular disease.
  • See how immediate, cholesterol test results can make a difference in your office.
  • Learn how testing guidelines apply to point-of-care lipid testing.
  • Realize the benefit of point-of-care lipid testing to the patients.
  • Learn how point-of-care testing can improve cardiovascular disease management.


  • Dr. Mary P. McGowan

    Dr. Mary P. McGowan

    Welcome and Introductions


  • Dr. Devaki Nair

    Dr. Devaki Nair

    Are lipid panel point-of-care tests fit for purpose?


  • Dr. Manoj S. Chawla

    Dr. Manoj S. Chawla

    Importance of lipid accuracy and the effects of POC on office workflow and patient experience


  • Dr. Marcelo Chiara Bertolami

    Dr. Marcelo Chiara Bertolami

    Patient benefits of immediate access to the lipid profile


所提出的观点和意见仅代表作者。 此网络广播中包含的内容仅供参考/教育目的。

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