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The Road to Malaria Elimination: Lessons Learned


  • Adilson De Pina, PhD, MPH, IME, M.Sc.

    Adilson De Pina, PhD, MPH, IME, M.Sc.
    (Cabo Verde)

    Public Health Specialist, Monitoring and Evaluation (PHME)

    Malaria Elimination Program Manager

  • Daniel Kyabayinze, MBChB, MSc CEB, PhD

    Daniel Kyabayinze, MBChB, MSc CEB, PhD

    Director Health Services/ Public Health, Ministry of Health

    Consultant Principal Epidemiologist, WHO and Ministry of Health

  • Lemu Golassa, PhD

    Lemu Golassa, PhD

    Associate Professor, Aklilu Lemma Institute of Pathobiology, Addis Ababa University

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In recognition of World Malaria Day, join this webinar to better understand different countries’ experiences and efforts to eradicate malaria. Learn about the challenges faced by countries with high incidence, and the tools and support that are needed. In addition, gain perspective from an expert from Capo Verde, a country which recently reached “elimination status.”

  • ​Understand the experience and diagnostic needs for a country to secure elimination status
  • Analyse common challenges encountered by healthcare providers and how they can be overcome
  • Review support needs for diagnostic strategy both in country and internationally
  • Discuss the importance of asymptomatic and surveillance testing in achieving elimination status
  • Compare test technology and strategies for implementation

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