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Chronic disease management in the post COVID era - the value of point of care testing for cardiovascular risk and kidney disease management in diabetes and non diabetes patients


Join our panel of experts from around the world to learn about Chronic disease management in the post COVID era - the value of point of care testing for cardiovascular risk and kidney disease management in diabetes and non diabetes patients. The webinar will analyse studies and present front line experience on the value of point of care testing told through the eyes of internationally acclaimed health care professionals and academics from Germany, Norway, China and Colombia.

Elevated cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke. As the blood cholesterol rises, so does the cardiovascular disease risk. [1] Also kidney disease often involves cardiovascular disease (CVD). [2] In people with diabetes cardiovascular (CV) and renal complications are the main cause of death, but the majority of patients are unaware of having diabetes complications. [3] Kidney disease occurs in 20–40% of patients with diabetes, more than double as often as in the adult population without diabetes. [4] [5]

Effective treatment is available. Findings of several cardiovascular and renal outcome trails about SGLT2 inhibitors and GLP-1RAs have been published recently and implemented in consensus reports of the ADA, ACC and EASD. [6] [7]

Other recent studies have shown that the addition of either ezetimibe or PCSK9 inhibitors to statin therapy provides a further reduction in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.1 [1]

Early detection of CV and renal complications is key to initiate treatment and to provide progression of the disease.

There is now proven evidence that increased LDL-C values are causally related to atherosclerotic CVD, and that lowering LDL particles and other ApoB-containing lipoproteins as much as possible reduces CV events. [1] ACR is the earliest marker of kidney disease in diabetes and a strong predictor for CVD, therefore it should be examined when screening for complications. [3] Point of care tests for ACR and lipids can be used in a variety of settings and provide accurate, reliable results with rapid turnaround time, aiding clinicians in providing better patient care.

提示された見解および意見は、著者のみのものです。 このWebキャストに含まれるコンテンツは、情報提供/教育目的のみを目的としています。


提示された見解および意見は、著者のみのものです。 このWebキャストに含まれるコンテンツは、情報提供/教育目的のみを目的としています。

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