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Respiratory Season: New Diagnostic Challenges and Strategies for Antimicrobial Stewardship


Gain the latest insights on respiratory infections and related rapid tests aimed at expediting appropriate isolation decisions and antiviral treatments. Be informed on the technology differences in diagnostic test methods and hear use cases on testing protocols focused on efficient patient management and quality initiatives, including antimicrobial stewardship.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide an update on circulating respiratory infections and perspectives on the upcoming respiratory season;
  • Describe testing for respiratory infections including protocols and workflows to streamline prompt and efficient care;
  • Review methodology differences of rapid antigen and rapid molecular tests;
  • Examine evidence where timely results impacted clinical decision making, antibiotic and antiviral stewardship, infection control and workflow;


  • Sheldon Campbell

    Sheldon Campbell

    Prof. of Lab Medicine Yale School of Medicine Assoc. Chief of Pathology and Lab.

  • Juan-Carlos Galan

    Juan-Carlos Galan

    Head of Virology Section, Microbiology Department Hospital Ramón y Cajal Spain.

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