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Diagnostic Stewardship and Rapid Respiratory Testing: The Right Test for the Right Patient


  • Ferric Fang, MD

    Ferric Fang, MD
    (United States)

    Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Pathology and Microbiology — University of Washington School of Medicine

  • Thomas Walsh, MD, PhD, (Hon)

    Thomas Walsh, MD, PhD, (Hon)
    (United States)

    Founding Director — Center for Innovative and Therapeutic Diagnostics

The views and opinions presented are of the authors only. The content contained in this webcast is intended for informational / educational purposes only.


Webinar Objectives:

  • Define Diagnostic Stewardship and explain why it is important
  • Examine the process of patient evaluation and treatment using Diagnostic Stewardship
  • Differentiate between rapid respiratory test technology to ensure selection of the appropriate test based on patient presentation, disease prevalence, and other key factors
  • Evaluate the impact of Diagnostic Stewardship through review of relevant case examples and studies

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