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MY POC ACADEMY Connecting Knowledge and Training

MY POC ACADEMY - Your central resource on point of care testing
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    • My POC Academy is an interactive educational resource providing information on the rationale for POC testing and its value, across a number of medical specialties.
    • The courses will allow you to enhance your knowledge and skills at your own pace.
    • CME-accredited materials and webinars will also shortly be available
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    • Within each course are test questions to allow you to test your knowledge.
    • Interactive patient case studies enable you to view the benefits of POC testing in real life clinical scenarios
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    • My POC Academy is your go-to resource for the latest information relating to POC testing.
    • With frequent updates, the latest news, details on upcoming events and much more, it keeps you abreast of latest developments.
    • Learning can be accessed at your convenience with the click of a button.


Enhance your knowledge on POC testing

By the end of 2018, we aim to offer a wide variety of curricula on My POC Academy, each containing multiple courses.

The first course to launch will be on POC testing (POCT) in the emergency department.

Below shows our progress with developing educational content to enhance your knowledge on POC testing – you can hover above the progress bar below to learn more about each curricula!


MyPOCacademy has been developed to help enhance your knowledge surrounding point-of-care (POC) testing in various clinical settings and specialties. POC testing has the potential to revolutionise patient management, allowing for a more patient-centric approach to care, but education regarding its practical application is key.This comprehensive resource is frequently updated to ensure we always bring you the latest research updates and congress information relating to POC testing; the eLearning modules and interactive patient case studies will better equip you to provide superior care for your patients.

  • 8.3%

    Emergency Department

    Learn about challenges faced by physicians in this department and how POCT can help

  • 8.3%

    POC Coordinator

    Some courses are developed specifically for POC coordinators for tailored education, with topics ranging from respiratory diseases to the values of CRP testing in the emergency department

  • 8.3%

    Sexual Health

    This curricula contains a variety of courses for healthcare professionals involved with patients with infectious diseases

  • 8.3%

    Infectious Diseases

    Sexual health experts will be interested to work through our course on sexually transmitted diseases and how POCT can be utilised in this field

  • 8.3%

    Primary Care

    POCT can help primary care providers in many ways, relating to infectious diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This curricula is key for primary care providers who wish to learn more about POCT in their day-to-day practice

  • 8.3%


    This curricula will tell you all you need to know about the value of POCT in colon cancer and bladder cancer

  • 8.3%


    This curricula will contain a course on POCT in drug screening

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