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The Value of POCT in SMI Health Checks and Patients with Learning Disabilities for the Diagnosis, Management and Monitoring of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk


Join Dr Vinny Khunger and hear about the value of point-of-care testing in severe mental illness (SMI) patients and in patients with learning disabilities (LD) for screening of chronic diseases.

This webinar will discuss screening for and prevention of chronic disease in severe mental illness (SMI) patients and patients with learning disabilities (LD). The role and value of point-of-care testing in this patient cohort will be analysed. Point-of-care testing is tolerated well by patients due to the small blood sample volume and is minimally invasive compared to venous blood sampling, therefore it is better tolerated and helps to reduce any distress amongst patients.

Medication prescribed to SMI patients leads to patients becoming susceptible to cardiovascular disease. The NHS have implemented a drive to screen patients with an SMI for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


  • Dr. Vinny Khunger

    Dr. Vinny Khunger

    GP Principal Haughton Thornley Medical Centres, Tameside and Glossop ICS. Governing Body Lead for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities, GP ST3 Trainer and GP Appraiser.

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