Point-of-care testing for the management of seasonal influenza Estimated time for completion: 30 minutes

This module details the current global issues in influenza, explains the challenges involved in diagnosis, and highlights the value of point-of-care testing (POCT) in this specific clinical context. An overview of current recommendations and clinical guidelines are provided from key organisations related to the field of rapid diagnostic testing. Test questions are also provided at the end of each section to assess your understanding of the topics covered.

Target Audience

Physicians, nurses and coordinators working with patients with influenza

Learning Goals
  • Describe the key unmet needs in influenza disease worldwide
  • Understand the challenges involved in diagnosing influenza
  • Explain the value offered by the use of POC T in this setting
  • Review the current guidelines for POCT related to influenza
  • Self-assess understanding of the topics covered