My Virtual Aortic Root

3 AV procedures simulated on non-biological simulator

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This "My Virtual Aortic Root" course is a simulation course of the three most frequently performed procedures on the aortic valve and root. The course follows very strictly the science of learning. It deconstructs each procedure in teachable components. Each step is explained textually, clarified with non-moving media and finally presented in a series of movies. The three procedures are the AVR (aortic valve replacement), the non-valve-sparing ARR (aortic root replacement) and finally the valve-sparing ARR (often called David1 procedure). The simulator is a non-biological simulator developed from an award winning design by Dr Roger Devotini.

Target Audience

The target audience is the first scholar before the clinical confrontation with aortic valve surgery, but also the more experienced one, interested in the valve-sparing surgery.

Goals Objectives
  • Goal: To optimize the learning process of the aortic valve and aortic root surgical procedures
  • Goal: To stimulate interested scholars in learning cardiac surgery
  • Obj: To deconstruct the AVR, the ARR (Bentall) and the valve-sparing ARR (David1) procedures.
  • Obj: To learn the three dimensional anatomy of the aortic valve and root.
  • Obj: To understand/practice the spatial relationships of hands, needle holder, needle and aorta.
  • Obj: To annihilate the negative phase of the learning curve on the first aortic valve/root surgery.
  • Obj: To confront the scholars with and avoid with possible technical errors.
  • Obj: To optimize the pace of the first aortic procedures in patients.
Non-Goals Objectives
  • This course does not lead to a license to practice medicine or surgery in any country.
  • Execution Self paced
  • Available for
  • Investment Free