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MY VIRTUAL ANASTOMOSIS, is a digital portal that interactively connects scholars in training with expert faculty. The main goal is to help scholars develop their practical surgical skills, and to maximize the training effect through ongoing, personalized feedback provided by an expert surgeon-evaluator. Together with Ethicon's Anastomotic Skills labs and the Arroyo's Anastomotic Simulator, winner of the EACTS 2011 Ethicon CARDIOVACULAR SIMULATION AWARD, My Virtual Anastomosis delivers a comprehensive educational continuum for development of technical surgical skills in one of the key areas of cardiovascular surgery.

Target Audience

Any surgeon in training who will perform an anastomosis: cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, gastro-intestinal surgery and gynaecological surgery.

Goals Objectives
  • Help scholars develop their practical skills
  • Maximize the training effect through ongoing personalized quantitative and qualitative feedback
Non-Goals Objectives
  • Physical and mental preparation of the surgeon
  • Identify the degree of stenosis of the host vessel
  • Make an appropriate indication for surgery
  • Have a correct attitude during surgery
  • Prepare and condition the patient for the surgical process
  • Identify, expose maybe stabilize vessels in the human heart
  • Harvest and prepare a graft
  • Execution Self paced
  • Available for
  • This application provides a verifiable certification when it's completed.
  • Investment Free

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    The mobile apps have been released as mobile app for Android Playstore and iOS Appstore.