EACTS 2013 Ethicon Simulation Award

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Again this year, the objective of the contest was to construct a low fidelity simulator that could be used as a training tool for surgeons worldwide. This years topic was AORTIC ROOT SURGERY.

On Tuesday noon, October 8th 2013, two innovative and brilliant submissions were identified as the winners of the 2013 EACTS-Ethicon innovation award: Mr Devotini and Mr Hossien. Those present in that auditorium witnessed an unbelievable session of innovation and competition where young fellows were challenged by their peers and by the world leaders in aortic root surgery and simulation technology. Tachycardia and emotion filled the rooms when they presented for the third time during this EACTS meeting their projects to Ed Verrier, Roberto Di Bartolomeo, Marko Turina, Walter Gomes, Patrick Perrier and the other members of the jury. Would their home made aortic roots and valves withstand the questions and the surgical aggression of the inspection? Well they did and many from the audience mentioned that this session was the most innovative of this large EACTS meeting. In fact this 2013 EACTS-Ethicon award is part of a much larger project called myvirtualCVsurgery. The project, endorsed by the EACTS President and domain chair and by the DGTHG, has at this moment four arms and many fingers.

The EACTS-Ethicon 2013 simulation award challenged the young submitters even more. How to create at extremely low cost aortic valve and aortic root that can be used for low cost simulation. Devotini and Hossien came up with similar designs based on dripping technology. Three days of discussions and testing by the jury concluded in a shared price. At this moment Marko Turina, the domain expert guide, is industrializing this concept into a usable and affordable simulator. It is just as with the two previous models, the intention to give such a simulator to each scholar in training. We hope to organize in 2014 the first aortic root simulation sessions with the Dev&Hos simulator and who knows a similar cloud course.
Please stay tuned!