Energy e-learning module

Online portaal met cursus voor het gebruik van Energy instrumenten in de OK


Dit portaal met bevat een online basis cursus die de verschillende Energy instrumenten en technieken doorloopt waar OK assistenten / specialisten dagelijks mee werken. Het doel is om de basiskennis (jaarlijks) op peil te houden en te zien of gerichte bijscholing noodzakelijk is.

Professional Online Training

My Virtual Anastomosis is a digital platform of distant technical learning that interactively connects surgeons in training with expert faculty.

Its main goal is to help scholars develop their practical surgical skills, and to maximize the training effect through ongoing, personalized feedback provided by an expert surgeon-evaluator.

Increase Self Confidence

Self-confidence is of great importance to successfully complete complex procedures. Its reporting helps your evaluator to understand your level of expertise and skill, but also to identify and address deficiencies or limitations.

Guided by Expert Professionals

The project proposes to the scholar an interactive learning continuum. Besides the formal OSATS scoring system, scholars have the possibility to receive written feedback from the evaluators and exchange encrypted messages with other scholars, the evaluators and the administration of this project. There is no previous experience with distant technical training in surgery, the feedback of the scholar will therefore be the driver to further improvements.

Low Fidelity Simulators

The training curriculum is tailored to give you the best possible training experience and follows a globally recognized scoring system. After repeatedly scoring the maximum possible scores in this formative curriculum, the scholar will further improve his technical skills under very strict supervision in higher fidelity environments and finally in patients.

Professional Training Material

The training material is produced by globally recognized trainers, experienced in the educational topic and in creating educational material. The curriculum follows strictly the science of learning and in addition the science of creating distant learning material. The curriculum contains professionally made photo and video material to enrich the training experience for the scholars.

Workshop & Event Information

These events provide classes and training sessions. In addition they will allow the scholar to meet on a one-to-one basis the evaluators, other scholars and the project administration, so that quality improvement circles can be closed.



Energy e-learning module
Energy e-learning module

Online basis cursus voor het gebruik van Energy instrumenten in de OK

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  • Type: Time Limited
  • Interface: Web/Mobiele Apps
  • Certificaat: Ja

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