2nd Edition of the OPCAB Masterclass (sponsored by Medtronic)

FROM июня 29, 2018
to июня 30, 2018

After several years of negativity about OPCABG, including suggestions from several prominent surgeons that it should be abandoned, large multi-center trials have confirmed that OPCABG is at the very least as safe and durable as on–pump CABG, when performed by appropriately trained and experienced surgeons.

In order to achieve technically excellent results, it is important that surgeons understand and apply the basic concepts that are specific to OPCABG, including the availability of expert anesthesia.

The faculty includes a number of experts in OPCABG who will cover all aspects from patient selection, stable anaesthesia, positioning of the heart, surgical ‘tips and tricks’, use of various arterial and venous conduits and the importance of graft assessment. For delegates, there will be several web-based learning programs to reinforce what is learnt on the course.

It is strongly recommend that attendees actively participate as well as fully engage with each other and the Faculty. The scientific program offers a full spectrum of learning opportunities, from continuing medical education to presentations on the most recent surgical advances in OPCABG.