A blended learning pathway towards OPCAB

A deconstruction of the technical skills and methods towards OPCAB

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This course is a deconstruction of the knowledge, skills and attitude needed towards a successful application of the OPCAB approach in coronary surgery. (53 videos, 150 figures)(English and Russian version)

Целевая Аудитория

All medical professionals involved in the surgical aspects of OPCAB surgery.

Цели и задачи
  • To optimize the conceptual learning process.
  • To optimize the operational learning process.
  • To sustain the OPCAB program.
Цели, которых нельзя будет достичь
  • This pathway does not lead to a medical/surgical license. Only regional/national laws are valid.
  • Execution гибкая форма
  • Available for
  • Investment Бесплатно

Структура Курса